Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tweet Your Heart Out

It’s de rigueur nowadays for social media to be a part of any entertainment event: anticipatory chatter before, live tweeting during and endless prattle after are the rule.  YouTube Red’s mega hit ESCAPE THE NIGHT is no exception: in fact, Joey Graceffa’s fanciful whodunnit game show/soap opera mash-up actually stars hip social media icons, making it not just ripe for the trend, but actually drawing from it.

It should be no surprise, then, when each episode airs, that the Twitterverse and such explodes with engagement. Fans applaud, jeer and otherwise express themselves over each twist and turn of the plot.  They try to guess who will die next, cheer successes and witty bon mots, bemoan a favorite star getting the proverbial (or occasionally literal) axe, and so forth.

As a key actor on Episode 5, I became part of the discussion.  And what fun!  It turns out my character, Sampson (a long-suffering baker/prisoner), was quite the hit:

Hard not to be flattered.   

Of course, the real stars are the producers, editors, writer/director Adam Lawson and creator Graceffa…along with the episode’s main cast which includes Graceffa, Tyler Oakley, Liza Koshy, Alex Wassabi, Tana Mongeau and Andrea Russett.  They make the show the smash that it is…along with the fans and their incredible (and vocal) support.  I was just lucky enough to get invited to the party.   

Good thing I knew how to bake a cake!  😉

And, heck:  tweet #SampsonRocks!

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