Sunday, September 29, 2019

And The Winner Is…Us

Awards.  They’re ubiquitous.  Especially in the entertainment industry.  And while it may all seem at times like a clown car of self-congratulatory “I’m the King of the World” nonsense, I think there’s a greater purpose…a better way to understand why these things matter.

Simply put, film and television are collaborative arts.  An actor’s performance is the result of more than just their own efforts: it’s shaped by the direction, lighting, editing, the other actors and more.  So, too, are all the other disciplines interdependent, working together into a tapestry.  Thus, any award for one is always an award for many.  In that sense, every award is a shared win.

And sharing is really what the entertainment world is all about:  sharing stories, sharing experiences, sharing slices of humanity to inform, reform or affirm who we are, where we’ve been and where we may one day go. 

I think it appropriate, then, to honor our best achievements in that goal; awards, titles and ceremonies help us to do that.  And, just as the honorees share their awards with their collaborators, so do we all share in the experiences that entertainment provides.  Thus, we are all winners and we all share in the glorious spoils.

And isn’t that a wonderful thing to share, after all?

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Sharing What You’ve Learned

One of the things I enjoy about having some knowledge and experience is not simply using it for my own projects, but sharing it with others to help them make their projects better. That’s why I love to do interviews and panels: if something I say helps one person, I know I’ve made a small difference in the world.

That’s how I view my role as a screenwriting consultant. I’m not acting as a judge or a critic; I’m acting more as a coach or a partner, providing ideas and/or skills to help you improve your game…and your script. Each writer has their own unique and specific strengths and weaknesses and it’s my job—and my pleasure—to help you recognize them and find ways to improve the latter.

I’ve worked with novice writers, helping them to learn the basics of good script writing as well as seasoned craftsmen who need less basic storytelling lessons, but may have more refined needs or simply need fresh eyes, stronger proofreading skills, etc. The biggest joy is finding the writing of returning clients blossom and get better and better.

I find it incredibly gratifying to help people in this way. Some people teach their children. I teach anyone at any age. As long as you have the desire to improve, to make your story the best it can be before sharing it with the world, I’d love to help you do it.

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