Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kickin’ It up A Notch


          Nothing in filmmaking is sacred:  not the script, not the cast or crew, not the final cut…nothing.  Everything is up for negotiation, tweaking and tossing every step of the way.   Our psychological thriller has had several moments re-written for various reasons and even the title has been revised. 

          The best case scenario for every alteration is that the result is for the best; that the film is better for the change.  Fortunately, that is exactly the case for my psychological thriller now known as DEADLY REVISIONS.

          While we all liked the old title, which was the title of the screenplay, events transpired that made me come up with the new title which is more intriguing and more specific to the story.  As leading man Bill Oberst, Jr. puts it: “The new title really has more intrinsic meaning: I’m a writer and I was in the process of making script revisions when I had my accident, and now it seems like it’s my life that’s getting revised.  I have these horrific visions that keep changing…and I don’t know which versions are reality.  If any of them are.”  If a horror film writer may be re-writing his own history in his shattered mind, and murder may be in the mix, then no title could be more apropos than DEADLY REVISIONS.

          And a nice little twist on top of everything is that the title itself is a revision.  How perfect is that?    

          We also decided to up the fan involvement by doing another round of crowd-funding—this time via Kickstarter.   We had a lot of people wanting to be a part of the film, but didn’t have any more weighty roles to offer as far as cast or crew were concerned.  So we’ve posted other ways people can get involved on the Kickstarter site in exchange for helping to fund the film.

          For a few bucks, fans can find their name associated with the film on the official website or on IMDB & in the movie credits; they can actually be a producer, get a piece of movie swag—even get invited to the premiere!   It’s a fun and guaranteed way to be a part of the film.   And there aren’t a lot of guarantees in this world, so it’s an exceptional opportunity.

          Just click on the link below and pick what reward you’d like and them donate accordingly.  But don’t wait:  the DEADLY REVISIONS Kickstarter campaign only runs through August 22nd.   

          So join us and be an accessory.  

          It’s an opportunity to die for.

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