Friday, October 23, 2020

I almost never talk politics, but this is a historic time and I think a few words are appropriate.  So, here are my thoughts on the Presidential race and, specifically, the latest debate--especially for anyone who is still undecided.

Trump successfully appeared calmer and less orange, but he still talked over the moderator, slung mud instead of answering questions, lied often (all the fact checkers agree) and boasted laughable statements like “I'm the least racist president. I'm the least racist person in this room."  His regular attempts at restraint allowed him to make a far better impression than last time, but his content was all the same game of finger-pointing and falsehoods, egregious claims and egomaniacal boasts. Ironically, his most true statement, in more ways than one, may have been “I know more about wind than you do.” Indeed.

Biden wavered between relaxed and confident to floundering and stammering to fired-up and strong. He called out Trump on some of his more outlandish claims and fired back a fair amount of return digs. But he also choked and misspoke a few times (such as referring to the “Proud Boys” as “Poor Boys”). But Biden’s heartfelt, genuine answers about the country’s race problem and the border children without parents demonstrated the difference between a candidate who brags about how he understand and cares “better than anyone” and a candidate who actually does seem to care. If that weren’t enough, his closing remarks blew Trump’s out of existence and came with a mic drop which is good enough to repeat, here:

"What is on the ballot, here, is the character of this country. Decency. Honor. Respect. Treating people with dignity.  Making sure that everyone has an even chance. And I'm going to make sure you get that. You haven't been getting that the last four years."

Biden makes it clear he understands that, in the final analysis, this isn’t about right and left. It’s about right and wrong.  Are you (we) going to reward a man who regularly and shamelessly lies, belittles, boasts, mudslings, denies fault and recklessly endangers or do we want to be represented (and have our country) represented by a man who listens to the experts, learns from his mistakes and sincerely wants to help us become a wiser, kinder and more unified country? There is only one acceptable choice. you as yet undecided few.  I beg you: don't be an enabler of Trump's crimes; it's a stain of guilt and shame that will live with you for the rest of your life. That's why so many who voted for him the first time--Republicans and Democrats alike--are staunchly against him; they, like Biden, recognize their mistakes, recognize villainy, and aim to do better.  And we deserve so much better.

Vote decency.  Vote Biden.