Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's Blog

L.A. Movie Award for "Best Feature Film"
The photo above, to my mind, shows someone reaching for a star.  That image seems appropriate for aspirations, hopes and dreams for a new year.  That it happens to be one of the awards my film DEADLY REVISIONS won last year only adds to the metaphor:  that we should honor those who reach, for it is the reaching, not the star, that matters.

I reached for many stars last year and only caught a few.  But the reaching brought so much more.  I was lucky enough to get cast as  an actor in projects that included OLD DOGS & NEW TRICKS,  NATURAL BORN FILMMAKERS, DYSFUNKTION and HE WAITS, but the fun had and friends met are what made those experiences unique. I also had the honor of auditioning for projects at Warner Bothers, Paramount and for shows like CSI: CYBER, MAJOR CRIMES, and Steven Spielberg's EXTANT; though not cast, the opportunity was memorable.  The point is:  you may not reach every star, but if you're focused on it, its light shines on you, anyway.
I had much light shining on DEADLY REVISIONS last year:  we won the L.A. Movie Award for “Best Narrative Feature” and “Best Actor” for Bill Oberst, Jr., the Terror Film Festival's Claw Award for “Best Feature Film Screenplay” and the FANtastic Film Festival awards for “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” (Bill and Cindy Merill).  Then we landed distribution through SGL Entertainment and so the film will be out in VOD, DVD and BluRay in the coming months. For a guy who just dove in and helmed a feature film with no idea what he was doing, I can't express how amazing that is.  I reached for a star and ended up over the moon.

As for this year, there are many projects on the horizon; which ones will reach fruition is not up to me alone, but I will reach just the same.  I am also aiming to show more patience, more peace, more kindness and more love.  I think the world can use it...and so can I.

So...what are you reaching for?

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