Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Deal to Make You Get Little Shivers

          Actors have directors to guide them to the perfect performance. Who does a writer have?

          Minus two points if you said "His mother". Unless his mother is Dorothy Parker. Which would fabulous but highly unlikely.

          So where does a writer turn to find truly valuable feedback, from experienced, knowledgeable readers? Don't torment yourself; I shall tell you straight out. Get it from professionals. And, if you can, get it for a discount.

          Here's how:

The "Little Shivers" Coverage Contest

          The amazing folks at are exactly the kind of professionals you want...and they are rewarding readers of my short story collection "Little Shivers" with discounts off their invaluable coverage services! You read six creepy stories, tell me which one you liked best (and why) and you get 10% to 25% off the professional coverage that provides.  

          You get 10% off just for entering this contest!!! If you win, you get 15% extra: a total of 25% off! 

Here's all you do:

1. Read "Little Shivers".
Email me and tell me what your favorite story was (and why) by
December 31st, 2011. Come January, you'll get an email with a code for 10% off!
3. I'll pick a winner! If you're it, you'll get a full 25% off and I'll announce it here on my blog!

          Neat, huh? I don't work for or own any part of I just think they're good people who can help take a script to the next level. I think you will, too. So are you ready to do it? Just get "Little Shivers", read it and email me by December 31, 2011!

          Don't know where to get “Little Shivers"? It's available for Kindle at and for Nook at Barnes& If you don't have a Kindle or a Nook, don't worry: you can download a free app from Amazon that will let you read the Kindle version available there.

          All discount codes will be delivered January 2012. So you'll start the new year armed with a little something to get your next script ready for the big screen.

          Use the links above and get "Little Shivers" today...and get discounts for professional feedback on your own writing this New Years!

          It's easy!

          It's fun!

          And who doesn't like a good scare?