Monday, September 1, 2014

The Fall Festival Season

More often than not, part of a film’s emergence in the public eye takes place at festivals.  Most folks are familiar with Sundance and a few others, but there are hundreds upon hundreds of film festivals:  some wide in scope, others very specific to a certain niche.  The goal of the filmmaker is exposure and the chance at attaching a few laurels to their film.  It is also a chance to network and find others who may be good partners for future projects—especially eager investors.  

For my film DEADLY REVISIONS, we entered a wide range of festivals:  from the larger, broad spectrum events to the smaller, genre specific options.  Though festivals continue throughout the year and we don't know all the festivals that have as yet to invite us to be in their line-up, we have been confirmed as official selections of the NYC Indie Film Festival, the Twisted Tails Film Festival in Dallas and the FANtastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego--where we screen, appropriately, on Halloween night.

And so the festival preparations began:  acquiring marketing materials, marking calendars, booking flights and hotels, etc.  As the director, it has been my goal to make a personal appearance at as many screenings as possible.  Festival directors love when the director is present to talk about the film and I’d like to honor that.  Actually being there will also give me the chance to hear how different audiences react to the film:  extremely valuable information you just can’t quite capture any other way.

So if you’d like to see the film ahead of any release, grab a ticket to one of the screenings.  And come say “Hello”.  I’ll be the nervous, nerdy guy in the back, with no fingernails left.

Reviews to date:

"Amazing Flick!"
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"Mind Blowing!"
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"Genuinely Fun Jolts!"
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"Very Clever!"

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"A twisted mind bender!"
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"Gleeful fun!"
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“A well-made, tension filled thrill ride!”
(Horror Society)