Sunday, July 24, 2016

Call me Crazy

I attract crazy.   I do.  Almost every role I am offered is at least a little off.  

Sometimes a lot.

Mind you:  I’m not complaining.  I love it. I love being able to bring these oddballs to life. Whether it’s a dark, disturbing role like the sociopath proctor in Freudian Eyebrow or the comical, kooky neighbor in Love That Girl!, I enjoy bringing the crazy to the table.

So here are a few of the colorful characters I play in upcoming projects you can look forward to…

First, of course, is Link in my own horror/comedy Garden Party Massacre

In a cast of crazy characters, Link is the male nerd twist on the dumb blond trope.  But he’s lovable.  Unlike…

Counselor Skinkle, the vituperative, religious hypocrite in Ugly Sweater Party, a thoroughly nutty horror/comedy from Aaron Mento and Hunter Johnson. 

Skinkle arrives to the party late in the action, but his venomous and offensive behavior will not easily be forgotten.  

The same cannot be said for my character in the instant classic Death House

I play a nameless and forgotten soul among a gathering of nameless and forgotten souls all doomed to play horrific roles within the walls of the Gunnar Hansen/Harrison Smith creation.  The shot above is behind the scenes, not from the actual film; the scene in the film is far more disturbing! 

Finally, I’ll be playing the quirky, beleaguered videographer Horty in Chase Dudley’s Beasts of the Field.  But, as offbeat as he is, Horty proves to be one of the few sane people on the doomed expedition.   That shoots next summer, so no set photos, yet.

So I attract crazy.  Crazy films.  Crazy characters. 

But I love it.  Call me crazy!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Fireworks in Our Hearts

Ah, the pretty pyrotechnics.  So magical.  So colorful.

So overdue to be abandoned.

I'm referring to the literally incendiary man-made creations we set off around the holidays.  Every year, someone loses a finger or an entire hand when a firecracker is poorly constructed or handled. 

Not so magical.

And even if violent bodily harm is avoided, fireworks still do damage:

They pollute the air with smoke and dust that often contains residues of heavy metals and toxic chemicals.  Many also leave behind solid debris, including non-degradable plastics. Most also create noise pollution which is distressing for some people—such as those suffering from PTSD—as well as many breeds of animals, including domestic dogs and cats who suffer greatly.

All this for a passing, cheap thrill.

Yes, they are pretty.  But so are the smiles of good friends.  Let’s fill our festivities with more of the latter. 

One day, 100% clean, silent holographic fireworks will become the norm.  Until then, let the fireworks be in our hearts, our conversations, and our eyes. 

Be safe.  Be mindful.  Be love.

Love and consideration.

Let's explode that stuff everywhere.

Happy July 4th.