Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crew in the Spotlight

          I’ve already written about the dynamic lead crew members of “Deadly Revisions”.   But the entire crew was, in fact, made up of diligent, talented individuals and in this blog, I’d like to take the time to highlight a few.

          First, the demands of the shots I wanted meant that Kate Sobol, our Director of Photography, would need four hands.  Since Kate was a woman of the standard two-handed variety, an Assistant Camera role was non-negotiable from the getgo.  Our answer manifested in Casey (Case) Norton. Born in Indianapolis and adopted by his parents, Case was always interested in film and television.  But a film shot when he was just a sophomore in high school won an award and that cemented his future.  He went on to graduate from Cal State Northridge in TV Production and has worked on over 50 projects.  On “Deadly Revisions”, Case was continually challenged with difficult focus pulls, camera angles and other demands which he bore with professionalism and panache.  The results speak for themselves.

          Another indispensable crew member was Madelyn Kime, our Set Dresser.  Madelyn provided the ever-present eye and hands for the Art Department, keeping a keen watch for continuity issues, in addition to solving on-the-spot problems with efficiency and a positive attitude. With a B.A. in Cinema/Photography and a minor in Photojournalism from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Madelyn has been Set Dresser, Studio Manager and is also a talented photographer. In fact, some of her photographs were used as set dressing in “Deadly Revisions”.

          Our grip crew was also extremely hard working, but Brad Carr went above and beyond.  When he wasn’t laying cables, setting lights and arranging flags and C-stands, Brad was always there to help with a dolly shot, an SFX rig—even to lend his car for scenes.  Brad attended the Academy of Art University receiving special recognition for contribution to the University for running the Universal Film Club and getting a BFA in directing motion pictures.  He has worked on around 200 film, video, television and theater productions in a large range of positions.  The film shoot of “Deadly Revisions” was made vastly easier by his experience, attitude and creativity.

          Finally, writer/photographer/singer Josh Patterson added his talents to the set in more than one way.  He was originally brought on as the Still Photographer—a role he performed admirably; many of the photos released are his work.  But in addition to his performance behind the camera, he also stepped in front of the lens, taking on the role of actor and helping to bring a few creepy characters to life.  While you may not recognize him, he’s the man behind the masks of both the Noose Man and the Hatchet Man for most of the film.   So he now adds “actor” to his list of accomplishments and I add him here as one of “Deadly Revisions” memorable crew members.

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