Monday, April 22, 2019

Be a Dog

I walk down the street with my dog, her tail wagging non-stop, and virtually everyone who passes us looks at her and smiles wide with delight.  It makes me smile with delight as well, to see their faces light up.  I have noticed this but not given it much thought.
Until now.

It occurred to me that we should all be so blessed to be like my dog: to effortlessly bring joy to everyone around us.  Can you imagine?  What if everyone we passed made us feel full of joy.  And we’d make them feel joy.  And we’d all feel joy at causing the joy in others.  It would be this exponentially evolving cycle of joy.

Can you imagine?

Now.  How to make it so?  How do we be like a dog?

I’d say it’s easy.  All it takes is a bright attitude and a matching smile.  Smiles are contagious.  Have you noticed?  If you smile, people almost always smile back.  It’s like magic.

So, the next time you leave the house, take a deep breath, exhale your cares and let a smile take over. If you spread a little sunshine, the world will be just that much brighter. For all of us.

And all our tails will be wagging.

Join me. 

Be a dog.