Saturday, July 1, 2017

Something To Sink Your Teeth Into

          Some roles are so juicy, you can feel them dripping down your chin...
Creepy Harold in "FANG"

          It’s June in the Finger Lake area of Upstate New York.  The foliage is green and lush, the weather is mild and Keuka Lake is serenity made visible.  But the cast on the set of FANG has dwindled, due to the dark and disturbing things that have happened throughout writer/director Adam Steigert’s new film in which I have been blessed to partake.  You see…a lot people die in this movie. 

          A lot.

Harold: protector or predator?

          It begins with a robbery turned murder which sends two drug-addicted young lovers off to hideout at a distant relative’s house.  But they discover their presumed shelter is less safe than they had hoped.  For things are far from normal at the Crowley residence.   Dark corridors, locked doors and a ghoulish caretaker are just the beginning and the lovers, with two unexpected tag-alongs, become trapped in this house of horrors that includes creatures with various inhuman features--including more than one (if titular) fang.

          Mr. Steigart has armed himself with a sparse but diligent crew that keeps the shoot running as smooth as it can when faced with obstacles like power outages, blood flying in unexpected directions and all the little surprises that make filmmaking a challenge.   And my fellow cast members are equally up to the task--handling heat, cold, and all sorts of bodily fluids in all sort of places.  It’s a testament to everyone’s love of the process that spirits remain wry and upbeat, no matter what happens.

(right to left) Director Steigert, Producer Spencer,
moi and 2nd AD/co-producer/actor Patrick Mallete

          The props and makeup effects are especially noteworthy.  Steigert required all practical effects and that was no short order considering the body parts, creature effects, weapons and countless bloody elements:  not a day goes by that someone isn’t covered head to toe in gore.  Add a werewolf, a vampire, skeletons and a few more…uh…bits and pieces…

          …let’s just say there are surprises around every corner and scenes that are destined to become iconic.  People are going to talk about the dinner scene, the basement scene, and the shovel scene.  Probably others as well.  It’s that kind of movie.  And I have been thrilled to be a part of it, loving every moment…even at 3AM, dripping blood.

          I can still taste it.

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