Monday, November 13, 2017

This Year, It’s Personal

'Tis the time when I usually shift from things Hollywood to things Holiday. Whether you’re already humming a traditional tune or grimacing at stores shoving the mercantile madness in your face “too soon”, there is no denying the season is upon us.  I will share my usual thoughts on the holidays once December rolls around, but for now, I’d like to beg those of you who are shopping (or preparing to shop) for holiday gifts to make your choices gifts on both ends.

What do I mean?

Simple:  buy gifts from your friends and neighbors.  We all have people in our lives who make arts and crafts and why not support them instead of the faceless corporations who will never know or care that you bought their wares?  We all know someone who makes clothes, crafts, paintings, films, songs, furniture…you name it.  It would be a much-appreciated gift to these people if you’d buy from them instead of the monster stores that are like shills for Wall Street bank accounts.

So, make your gift choice personal, unique and from the heart.  Support people you love who are forging their art.  Buy from them for everyone on your lists.  Today…and every day.

Thank you!

Here are a few ideas from people I know:

Photo Prints:
Josh Patterson Photography:

“Bone Dry” (Adventure):
“Lake Fear” (Horror):
“Bethany” (Horror):
“The Killer 4 Pack, II” (Horror):


“A Whisper from Within” by Theresa Gattuso O'Connor:

“Nate and Kelley" by Micheal R. Barnard:
“The Preternatural” by Daryl Hajek:
David Warren author page on Amazon:

Essential Oils & More
Garret Miller:

And, if none of that grabs you, maybe I have something that will work:

So, this year, make it personal!

Peace to all!