Thursday, October 13, 2016

'Tis the Season

I love Halloween.  Probably not a surprise to those who know me: I like horror and the theatrical, so a holiday devoted to both obviously floats my proverbial boat.
On the first Halloween I remember, I wanted to be a witch:  not the typical choice for boys my age who all opted for Spiderman, Wolfman, and Whateverman.  I was enamored and obsessed with “The Wizard of Oz” and I wanted to be a wicked witch. Funny how, of all the colorful characters I could have chosen, I wanted to be the villain.  That, among other things, proved portentous.  My parents likely went back and forth on the idea, but in the end, they conceded to honor my wish, thinking it was probably okay at this young age for me not to have sex roles explained and/or enforced.  Unaware of all of that, I was giddy to get the trappings that would turn me into an evil witch.  My costume ended up not being nearly as glamorous and dramatic as I had hoped.  In fact, it was a fairly tacky, store-bought piece of crap as I look back on it.  That Halloween, though, I didn’t care; I was a wicked witch and the night was glorious. 

And this is the wonderful thing about Halloween.  We can all be free to let our fanciful side out.  We can be witches or princesses, superheroes or demons.  We can be scary or silly.  It isn’t really tied anymore to a major religion like Christmas or Hanukkah, it isn’t specific to a single country like Thanksgiving or Presidents Day, and it isn’t fettered with family obligations. Anyone can partake, however they choose.  It’s a celebration of the freedom of imagination—whether that includes enjoying a fancy dress masked ball where frivolity and laughter echo, visiting a haunted house where ghosts and ghouls scream in the dark, passing out candy to neighbor children, roaming the streets for aforementioned candy…or curling up on the couch watching a scary movie.

And, if the last option sounds like your cup of tea, I’d offer up my homage to the horror genre, DEADLY REVISIONS.  It’s a slow-burn psychological thriller with dark shadows and things that go bump in the night.  And it stars the great Bill Oberst, Jr. as the horror writer who just may be haunted by his own creations.  Here's a sneak peek...

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        In any event, however you choose to celebrate Halloween, I hope it’s  fun and memorable as all good things should be.

Till next time...