Thursday, August 8, 2013

And the Award Goes To…

Film is a collaborative art.  I’ve said it before and I’m not the first. This is why any award or accolade—even if given to an individual—is really a laurel honoring all the people who were part of the process that led to the final product.  An actor’s performance in a film is a variable alchemy of the actor’s craft, the direction, the editing and much more.  Many elements combine in a special sort of synergy to create what we end up seeing on the screen.  For a director, the symbiotic group dynamic extends to the entire crew…and beyond.
Earlier this week, I was awarded the EOTM Award for “Best Director of an Indie Horror Film” for my feature DEADLY REVISIONS.  By now, it will come as no surprise when I say that the award belongs to everyone involved with the film: the crew, the cast, the funders, fans and friends; everyone played a part in supporting the film and, by default, me as a director.  I had my indomitable co-producer Roxy Shih to wrangle and facilitate production needs, my astute director of photography Kate Sobol to devise ways to make each shot work well, numerous and tireless production assistants who kept unseen cogs greased, Facebook fans who shared our stills and updates to their friends...and the beautiful people who poured money into the production; all of these people and more are a part of the creation and life of this film.
So to all those people, I of course extend my thanks; not just for helping to manifest an award, but for helping make this incredible film that, I hope, will be something of which we can all be very proud.  The award on my mantle is in honor of us all.  And I couldn’t be in better company.  

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