Friday, June 28, 2013

Why Aren’t You Famous, Yet?

          To more easily succeed as an artist, one has to either embrace the business side of things or embrace someone who does.  Or both.  Both is best, but having someone who works hard to sell you and your art allows you to spend a little more time on the art itself.  And that fosters more and better art.
          The most common people who take on that sales and marketing role are agents and managers.  Agents generally work specifically to get you jobs; managers do the same as well as work to improve your game and promote you in non-job related ways.  You can survive with neither, one or both, but—generally—the more people you have working with you, the better your chances at success.
          At different times, I have had a commercial agent, two theatrical agents and a literary agent:  all worked hard and got me jobs and/or opportunities I would not have found or had access to myself.  But none got me more jobs than I got on my own.  It could have been the market, the timing, their focus or reach—it’s hard to say.  But we all amicably parted ways and I went along without any representation for many years and survived.  I got some of my best roles on my own.  It can be done.  It’s just very, very hard.

          But recently, Sean Debeverac of Royalty Rope, Inc. caught me in a showcase and called me in for a meeting.  I did a few monologues and when I was done, he said: “Why aren’t you famous, yet?”  I flashed a wry smile and threw back: “That is your mission, should you choose to accept.”  Accept he did--on a trial basis.  In a matter of weeks, I had an audition that landed me a fantastic role on one episode of the Vision Award winning series “Love That Girl!”  Other auditions came my way as well.  Then, I learned the “Love That Girl!” casting director told Sean they wanted my character to come back.  In tandem, Sean called to tell me he wanted to sign me up as an official client.  Considering his belief in my talent and his ability to get me auditions, I said “yes”.
          So I am now pleased to be represented by Royalty Rope, Inc. who will be my management team for the foreseeable future.  Sean and his colleagues Matt and Brian are all dynamic, diligent professionals with whom I expect to enjoy a good, mutually beneficial run.  Here’s to the future!


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