Thursday, January 5, 2023

Angels, Gifts and Joy


Well, it’s been a while…and my apologies. But here’s to 2023 being a great year for everyone.

Now…If you want to know what I got up to since last May’s post, I have a full run-down of the year here:

Lots of great things happened, but the most recent have truly been exceptional for me.

I received two nominations for “Best Actor” for my role as Roy Cohn in “Angels In America”. These are exceptionally meaningful, since I had not been on stage for several years and the play (and the role) are monumental in scope.  The play (actually two plays) span about 7 ½ hours and the role of Roy goes from the height of his power to his tragic and horrific death.

Being cast and getting to play the role was a gift. Getting to do it surrounded by a dedicated and talented cast was a gift as well. So were the glowing reviews we received.

And then I was nominated for first a Broadway World Award and then a Robby Award. Both awards are huge in the theater world for Los Angeles.  And I am honored to be considered alongside such luminaries as Bryan Cranston, John Rubenstein and Harry Groener. Again: what a gift!

I feel very blessed. I will cherish all the gifts this production has bestowed upon me for the rest of my days.

With gratitude to all who have allowed me such joy.

May we all find more joy in the days to come.

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