Monday, November 2, 2015

What’s so FANtastic?

The Second Annual FANtastic Horror Film Festival took place this past weekend and I can say there were many positive things about the experience this time around.

First of all, HE WAITS screened and was very warmly received.  Among the positive feedback, I had people tell me they thought it deserved to be made into a feature, that it should be used as a PSA (you have to see the film to know why) and that, as the lead, I was incredibly creepy (which is a compliment, in this case, as the titular “He” has nefarious intentions that remain unnervingly undefined—a bold choice by filmmakers Sam Ghazi and Cheryl Compton).  When a film under ten minutes has that kind of effect on an audience, you know it’s working.
Second, I was honored with an award for winning the screenplay competition with my script for GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE. I had just completed principal photography on the film and here it was getting an award already.  I can’t say that wasn’t a warm fuzzy and I hope it’s a sign of things to come.
But most important—and the best thing about the festival—are the people.  So many talented and genuinely lovely people attend this festival.  The mad duo of John Iwasz and Sanj Surati, the debonair David Rountree, the spirited and lovely Tiffany Fest and Sheri Davis, the wise and wonderful Patty Sharkey, the ever elegant Lynn Lowry, my man Bill Oberst, Jr. and so many others I consider friends.  Rookies and veterans all gathered in a truly supportive and familial spirit.  Many thanks to festival directors JoAnne and Mike Thomas for being the key influential part of making this festival not so much a competition, but a celebration.  Because we are family.
And that’s what’s so FANtastic.
Bill Oberst, Jr. and I in creepy shadows
on the (blood) red carpet.

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