Thursday, June 14, 2012

It’s Never Too Soon For A Festival!

           Normally, if theatrical distribution is not locked, a film is completed and then makes the festival rounds, hoping to gain a distribution deal, an audience and buzz. 

          With DEADLY REVISIONS, we threw “normal” out the window.

           The New MediaFilm Festival, is a two-day film festival for all kinds of media:  feature films, shorts, web series, documentaries, trailers and-- in association with—a new category called “sniplers” which are 30-second snippets of a trailer.  Culture Rehab calls the film festival the “Sundance for the Facebook crowd”.   

          Months before the actual film would go into production, we had created a one minute trailer for DEADLY REVISIONS:  a short introductory piece to entice viewers, build a following and hopefully gain us a few investors, corporate sponsors and/or angels.  With a little effort and a lot of alacrity, we trimmed the trailer to the required 30-second length and entered it in to Filmbreak’s “snipler” contest--the winners of which would have the honor of being part of the New Media Film Festival and be premiered on the big screen.

          To our delight, we were chosen as one of only three winners.  So, while normally being part of a film festival occurs after a film is completed, we were now a part of a festival before ever going into production!   Producer Roxy Shih and I went to the festival at the Landmark Theatre to see our trailer on the big screen and were delighted to see that, thanks in great part to our Director of Photography Kate Sobol, it looked fantastic.  We also took part in a short Q&A session immediately following alongside Darren Marble and Taylor McPartland of

          So we may not have begun principal shooting yet, but we’ve already been an official selection in our first film festival.  Nice way to get the ball rolling.

The original teaser trailer:

For more info or to donate to DEADLY REVISIONS the movie:

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