Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Location, Location, Location

No, we’re not talking about the three most important things in real estate: we’re talking about finding the perfect place to film a movie; specifically, the psychological thriller/horror film DEADLY REVISIONS.

In DEADLY REVISIONS, horror movie writer Grafton Torn (played by genre favorite Bill Oberst, Jr.) struggles with amnesia, having woken from a fall that landed him in a coma. To rest and recuperate, he takes refuge in the vacation home of his best friend: a remote cabin in the woods.

            Sound familiar? It should: the cabin in the woods is a staple of the horror genre and, since DEADLY REVISIONS is a valentine to the genre, fans will enjoy homages throughout the film—including the setting itself.

The trick for the DEADLY REVISIONS team was to find a location that would suit the narrative and budgetary needs of the film. It had to be a certain size, have a certain look, have the right surrounding atmosphere. Furthermore, since DEADLY REVISIONS was a low budget independent production, the location had to be affordable: not only did the daily rate need to fit the bill, but so did the proximity because housing cast and crew at a distant site was not an option.

A handful of possibilities came across the radar and producer Roxy Shih, Director of Photography Kate Sobol and I all took part in visiting them to review each one for the aforementioned requirements as well as ambient noise issues, shooting restrictions and other factors. So we went from location to location to location. Each one was a fantastic place to shoot, but each one also had drawbacks. In the end, only one location would work for our film. It was a bonus to learn the cabin at our chosen location was the same cabin that had been used for “Friday the 13th, Part 4”; so we’d get another nice wink for devotees to enjoy.

So DEADLY REVISIONS had its cabin in the woods. All we had to do now was kill people there.

We hope you’ll visit. It’s to die for.

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