Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bad Boys



          Friend and fellow actor Bill Oberst, Jr. (above, center) is pretty well-known in the horror community: he’s been in over fifty films and most of them have been horror films showcasing him as a pretty scary dude. In those movies, he comes across as the kind of guy you wouldn’t want to find in a dark alley; but to meet him in person, you’d discover he’s among the nicest, sweetest guys around. You may recall me mentioning Domiziano Arcangeli (above, left) in an earlier blog: he’s another name in the horror genre whose terrifying on-screen presence is truly surreal juxtaposed with his gentle, soft-spoken off-screen demeanor. And then I look at my body of work and see a trend appearing: that I often get cast as villains...just like these other guys. And I’m as nice as can be. Honest. I really don’t eat babies. Except on Sundays. 
          Of course, all actors can play many different kinds of roles. I’ve played a wide variety. But clearly, one of my emerging niches is the Nice Guys Who Play Bad Boys gang. Now, it’s terrific fun to get to play a really nasty bastard. My character in Freudian Eyebrow is a sadistic borderline sociopath, my role in Beat Bernie is a selfish, cruel prima donna and my bunny-eared baddy in The Immoral Dr. Dicqer is a spiteful, splenetic megalomaniac. Heck, even my jailer in Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf is a complete jerk. And I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. I just hope people don’t start seeing me on the street and then run, screaming. Any more than they already do. 

          But I’m honored to be in such awesome company as Oberst and Arcangeli. And I’ll be happy to keep playing guys that people love to hate. Just remember: sociopaths, killers and other evildoers need love, too. Just keep clear of the blood; it gets sticky.

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