Thursday, February 7, 2013



          I am still wearing my director hat as post-production of the feature film “Deadly Revisions continues. But then, with my actor eyes, I spy an audition to play a director in a new Full Moon Features film called “Ooga Booga”. I go for it and the next thing I know, in between actually being a director, I am now also playing a director…for a third director—and a rather famous one at that.

          Charles Band has directed dozens of films and produced over two hundred, so it’s exciting to be added to his impressive body of work. Not to mention “Ooga Booga” also has two personal acting icons of mine in it: Karen Black and Stacy Keach; Mr. Keach’s creepily stoic turn in “The Ninth Configuration” is a favorite of mine…and Karen Black’s roles in “Burnt Offerings” and “Trilogy of Terror” are not only classic in my mind, but—funnily enough—both receive loving nods in “Ooga Booga”. So I am thrilled and honored to be involved in the project.

          The icing on the cake, of course, is my role which, though small, is an ironic riot. I play a neurotic, nebbish director who loses his patience with a slobbery drunk actor who is the clown host of a children’s show. Mr. Hambo, the clown, is played to the hilt by Chance A. Rearden, whose make-up includes a pig snout dripping snot. It is hilariously repulsive—as is his behavior in the dressing room and on set in front of the children. So I proverbially flip my lid and fire him—right on the set, in front of the wide-eyed tiny tots. It’s a double scenery-chewing bonanza in under five minutes. Mr. Band directs the scene fluidly, giving adjustments and improvisations along the way. His relaxed demeanor, expert eye and concise communication are a master class in direction.

          So I was a vacationing director playing a frazzled director for a relaxed director who taught me how to be a better director.

          You might say things are going in the right…er…direction.

Trailer for OOGA BOOGA



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